As a baby from the mid '80s, I think it's completely reasonable for me to throw this out there: "Superman IV: The Quest for Peace," (You know, the one that was worse than "Superman III") made me hate The Man of Steel for what pretty much amounted to seven years of my childhood. After watching the Last Son of Krypton whimper from wounds inflicted by a meathead's radioactive fingernails, I steered clear of the comics, cartoons and pretty much anything emblazoned with the "S" shield until Bruce Timm's Superman animated series cleared up my catastrophic views in '96.

I'm better now, I really am, but Gamma Squad's report that the cinematic bile that nearly ruined my formative years could have been even worse is a bittersweet cocktail of relief and horror.

The deleted scenes from the franchise-killing fourth installment include the creation of an inane Bizarro, his interactions with the ladies in a sparkly jacket and a cringe-worthy battle with Supes outside a staggeringly blatant Burger King.

Check out Gamma Squad for the vids and bask in the relief that is hindsight. One of the worst movies fankind ever suffered could have been Bizarro'ed.

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