As one of the most beloved super pets in comics, Superman's dog Krypto can usually be counted on for a sunny disposition. But what if the popular pooch succumbed to a Kryptonian version of rabies? How would the Man of Steel respond? Fortunately the twisted mind of Max Huffman has the answer in the form of his "Mocktopus" Web comic.

In "Superman Theater Presents: Old Yeller," a familiar premise runs off the rails as fueled by the kind of comic book madness that inherently rejects alignment with reality. Sure, it could be argued that Superman is capable of keeping even a rabid Krypto in line or that Batman would swoop in with some Kryptonite-based solution, but that would keep Supes from crying and that'd just be a shame.I'm not sure if DC's working on another "Bizarro Comics" anthology, but my instincts as a blogger tell me DC could do a whole lot worse than adding Huffman to their short list of options.