The 3D printing revolution is changing everything from manufacturing to medicine, but you know the real reason it rules? Friggin' action figures, man. ModiBot, a Rhode Island-based toy company focusing on print-on-demand modular action figures and accessories, has been offering fully-customizable toys and schematics via its Shapeways site for awhile. In an effort to scale up its operation and offerings, however, the company has taken to Kickstarter.

Fans of Figma, Xevoz, Glyos and other customizable toys will be right at home with ModiBot's skeletal figures and interchangable accessories, which are offered in different colors and configurations at different backing levels. One especially intriguing hook for this crowdfunding project however is the special "Chris Kirkman Accessory Set," which gives Bravest Warriors fans access to the very first action figure based on the Cartoon Hangover/Boom! Studios series.ModiBot's Kickstarter currently sits at about half of its $12,000 goal, with a little more than two weeks left to succeed and start announcing stretch options. Curious toy fans can score a basic ModiBot figure kit at the $15 level, with further backing levels (including the $35 Bravest Warriors kit), yielding more pieces and accessories. At the $2,500 level, fans can even participate in the creation of new toys with the ModiBot team as they design new figure pieces.

All rewards have an estimated October arrival date, however, so backers may want to make sure they take their Halloween candy budgets into account when choosing their preferred option.

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