There's gonna be hell up in New York City later this year, but two heroes will be teaming up to confront the situation fist-first. Spinning out of "Shadowland: Power Man and Iron Fist" comes Fred Van Lente's (Shadowlandless) "Power Man and Iron Fist" five-issue miniseries this August.

Rather than the classic duo of Luke Cage and Danny Rand, this new series will focus on Rand as joined by an all-new Power Man being introduced in "Shadowland." Wellington Alves will handle art on the series, with covers by Mike Perkins ("Captain America," "Union Jack.").

The story will see the duo cleaning up the streets of NYC while learning to work together despite some heroic tension. Knowing Van Lente's work, the mini is likely to include its share of odd couple moments alongside buddy cop-style action.

[Assistant Editor's note: With their opposing glowing hands, I'm personally hoping for a new combo move that involves an "Iron Power Fist Bump.]

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