Mondo, you are killing me with this.

As part of their year-long celebration of Batman's 75th Anniversary, Mondo has produced an art show, posters, and a truly beautiful soundtrack album that sold out of all five designs at San Diego, and now, they're giving me the most compelling reason yet to get into vinyl: a die-cut single of Danny Elfman's theme from Batman: The Animated Series. I definitely do not need this because I don't even own a record player, but y'all... it's shaped like a bat. How can I not get this?

The album features the main title and end credits themes with alternate versions of the end credits as the b-side, and will be available on both black and Black with Gray Splatter vinyl. As you may expect, the record comes in a sleeve that has Mondo's typically amazing design from Phantom City Creative.

The single is available for preorder now for $25, and while it's set to ship early next year, I'm sure that it would make a dandy late Christmas present for your favorite Batmanologist.

Hint hint.