When Mondo, the merchandising arm of the celebrated Alamo Drafthouse theater known for selling super-cool movie posters, announced that it would host a convention in Austin, Texas, September 20-21, it wasn't entirely clear what the focus would be. Movies? Artists? Movies about artists?

As it turns out, it's all of the above. In addition to hosting the world-premiere screening of the new documentary about 2000 AD, the influential British comics anthology, called Future Shock!, the weekend event will also host an array of comic artists, many of which have contributed their talents to film. Some of those artists, including Alex Ross have contributed art to celebrate the 15th anniversary of The Iron Giant.

In fact, here's a look at Ross' Iron Giant poster, which will be on display in a gallery dedicated to the film:


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The soundtrack to The Iron Giant will be available on vinyl for the very first time at the convention, and will feature covers by artists Jason Edmiston and Jay Shaw.

Artist Geof Darrow will host a panel about his series Shaolin Cowboy that includes eight minutes of completed animation from a Waschowskis-produced film project. Darrow will also participate in a panel about working on films as a designer. Other artists on that panel include Jock, Bernie Wrightson, Mike Mignola, Alex Pardee and William Stout.

There are also panels about designing toys, the soundtrack to 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the aborted 1983 Godzilla remake, which included design work from Stout and The Rocketeer creator Dave Stevens.

You can check out the full guest list at the MondoCon website. Tickets for the two-day convention are $35 for one day and $70 for both days.

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