Mondo, the boutique merchandise arm of the celebrated Austin movie theater the Alamo Drafthouse, has developed a reputation over the years for super-cool movie posters and art prints. Now, it's got a convention to showcase even more cool art.

MondoCon will take place at Austin’s Marchesa Hall & Theater September 20 and 21, and the guest list is pretty amazing: It includes Hellboy creator Mike Mignola (who just created a new, amazing Bride of Frankenstein poster for Mondo), Afterlife With Archie's Francesco Francavilla, revered horror artist Bernie Wrightson, Shaolin Cowboy creator Geof Darrow, ComicsAlliance favorite Jock, Mondo's animated Batman poster designers Phantom City Creative, and a bunch more.

Tickets for the convention go on sale Wednesday at They're $35 for a single day and $70 for the full weekend.

Here's a full list of the guests that have been announced so far, according to Mondo's press release:

Richey Beckett
Anne Benjamin
Geof Darrow
Jason Edmiston
Francesco Francavilla
Basil Gogos
JJ Harrison
Phantom City Creative
Mike Mignola
Gary Pullin
Arik Roper
Jay Shaw
Tiny Kitten Teeth
Bernie Wrightson

And here's their description of what the con is all about:

The convention will bring together unique guests from a variety of areas to celebrate film, music, art, and toys with the world’s finest artists, designers, illustrators, painters, toy creators as well as directors, composers and more. The convention will offer new artwork and products as well as panels and special screenings.

It sounds like a super cool time, and Mondo has certainly proven they can facilitate great art, so if you're in or around Austin, it will be worth grabbing some tickets when they go on sale.

[Via EW]

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