Following its successful gallery exhibition and sale of excellent Marvel Comics portraits by Mike MItchell, the Mondo crew is back with more Marvel artwork in the form of this gorgeous Elektra illustration by Craig Drake. Like most Mondo offerings, Drake's Elektra print will go on sale at a random time and be available only while extremely limited supplies last.

I’m a huge fan of Drake’s Nagel-inspired approach to pop iconography, and have included his work in numerous installments of our Best Art Ever (This Week) feature and even own two canvases myself. By synthesizing the graphic style of album covers, gig posters and his razor-sharp figure style, subjects as potentially goofy as the ninja Elektra become truly powerful and inescapably cool.

But its not alone. Drake's Elektra is the latest comics-related print to come out of Mondo, following the aforementioned Mitchell series, Phantom City Creative's Harley Quinn and Batman: Mask of the Phantasm, Jock's Dredd and The Dark Knight Rises, Paolo Rivera's Wally Wood tribute, Killian Eng's Silfer Surfer, an assortment of Man of Steel posters, and Francesco Francavilla's Black Beetle.

Measuring 24" by 36" and limited to just 275 editions, Drake's Elektra poster will go on sale sometime on Thursday, May 22 for $50. You'll have to follow Mondo on Twitter to find out when they're going to pull the trigger.


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