Movies: Mondo's new Dredd 3D poster by Jock is the complete and utter opposite of dreadful. [EW]

Creators: Mage and Grendel creator Matt Wagner says he'd be perfectly happy to see a pitch for a video game adaptation of his work. [Kotaku]

TV: The Walking Dead cast teases what fans can expect to see on the AMC series' third season. [TWD]

Legal: Gary Friedrich's lawsuit against Marvel continues with the publisher telling the court that Friedrich signed away his copyright claims three decades ago and waited too long to take legal action, among other things. [Robot 6]

Gaming: DC Universe Online's Marketplace is now selling "Fiery" and "Voltaic" Weapon Style Packs to, you know, add a little fire and/or voltage to your life. [DCUO]

Video: CrumbStoppables blends Justin Beiber's "If I Was Your Boyfriend" with Batman. [CS]

Movies: Resident Evil 4 (among other games) star Leon S. Kennedy returns for the latest CG Biohazard (as its known in Japan) film, "Damnation." I'd like to know what he'll be buyin' in the movie and also what he'll be sellin'. [ANN]

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