Kilian Eng Silver Surfer

Artist Kilian Eng is a fixture of our Best Art Ever feature for a reason. Eng's highly detailed art, with an obvious European influence, can at once feel contemporary and futuristic. And if you're at all familiar with his work, you know he's very well-suited to illustrate any kind of space landscape you could possibly imagine. So we were pretty happy to see that Mondo had commissioned Eng to create this beautiful Silver Surfer poster, as part of a new series spotlighting Marvel characters.

Eng's Silver Surfer contribution is the first in the series, which Mondo promises will concentrate on characters and events which are not a fixture of the Marvel cinematic universe. This poster went on sale last week and, like most Mondo pieces, sold out within minutes. But there are more coming, and if they're as impressive as this one -- and chances are they will be -- you'll likely want to pay attention. If you're interested in future posters in the series, be sure to follow Mondo on Twitter, where each new addition will be announced.

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