Inspired by a love of 1960s U.S. pop culture and Silver Age aesthetics, Monster Truck by British artist Shaky Kane is a cross-country road trip of sorts, full of open spaces punctuated by neon and fired with the fascination and dread of a roadside attraction. This trip, however, runs through cities where pink-haired zombies brandish broken bottles, robots covered in terrifying spikes load giant plastic Barbie dolls onto flatbed trucks, and flies the size of elephants clasp the hoods of classic cars.Reading Monster Truck is kind of like watching poetry, or reading jazz; every page opens up into a landscape, a single, horizontal panel covered in text that looks clipped from a magazine and pasted into a ransom note. A love letter to the Silver Age that seems to be written from the future, Kane's book is a strange, feverish mixture of the alien and the prosaic that feels a bit like holding a rummage sale of your childhood possessions in the middle of a monster movie. On Mars. On drugs.

Originally published in the U.K. in 2007, Monster Truck hits American shores for the first time on November 23rd from Image Comics, and we've got 11 preview pages of weirdness to hold you over in the meantime.

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