The MONSTERS Project continues today with original art from Tom Fowler, whose work we've enjoyed so much in Mysterius: The Unfathomable, countless amazing convention sketches and the outstanding Comic Twart blog, among other places. Here, he depicts the weary, tragic visage of Frankenstein, the mistreated, outcast monster whose rejection by mankind lead him down a path of empty revenge and heartbreaking loneliness. But HALLOWEEN!

We'll be presenting more monster-themed original art for the rest of the month leading up to Halloween, and later offering it for sale on eBay to benefit the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund and its mission to defend free speech in comics. (Also, if you're a comics artist who still wants to contribute monster art to support the CBLDF, it's not too late! Hit us up!)

If you missed our previous Monsters Project updates, check out Jeffrey Brown's take on Frankenstein and Ariyana Suvarnasuddhi's Medusa. You can also see a bigger version of Fowler's wonderfully monstrous Frankenstein after the jump.
Also, as ComicsAlliance's Chris Sims noted today, there's always someone who wants to remind you that it's not "Frankenstein," it's actually "Frankenstein's monster," but that's less comprehensible and really doesn't fit as well into a headline, so we'd like to preemptively say that we're comfortable with our literary inaccuracy.

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