Veteran comic book colorist Moose Baumann has joined the growing ranks of comics professionals whose healthcare concerns have eclipsed what protections their freelance livelihoods can possibly provide. Known for his eye-catching work on The Flash: Rebirth, 52, Green Lantern and much more, Baumann is appealing to the comic book community to help raise money for his wife's cancer treatment -- costs which amount to a staggering $90 thousand -- by selling high quality prints of some of his most memorable work for just $20 a piece.Beyond the immediate concerns for Baumann's wife's health, the couple is also in danger of losing their home as a consequence of the enormous medical costs. The colorist elaborated on the horrible situation in a statement to Newsarama.

A few years back my wife had breast cancer. She had chemo and a partial mastectomy, and we thought things were good. A year later we found out that it had spread, and she went in for more chemo and surgery. Several months prior she had lost her job and her insurance, and because of her "prior condition" she no one else would insure her. So we've been working on paying off the full cost of her medical bills for the past two years, just north of $90 grand.

Right now work is scarce and money is super tight, and on June 1st it looks like we may lose our home because of all of this. I'm trying to sell some prints of my work online to make some quick cash, and hopefully keep my home. I'm reluctant to ask for help, it's embarrassing, but I'm at the end of my rope.

Like most comics professionals, Baumann is a freelancer and his health insurance is not provided by his publishers or other clients. As the American recession, government and healthcare industry continue to sort themselves out, Baumann's situation will no doubt replicate itself in the lives of many comic book creators.

You can check out Baumann's wares at this site and placing your orders via email at moosebaumann [at] mediacombb [dot] net. The prints are 13" x 19" and printed on archival paper.

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