Just nine months after releasing an initial wave Batman: The Brave and the Bold Happy Meal toys, McDonald's is at it again with a brand new line of superheroic collectibles. I'm no Happy Mealologist, but seeing McDonald's run two Brave and the Bold promotions in less than a year seems like a fairly anomalous chunk of awesome. Unlike the previous wave of eight B&TB figures -- which included Batman, Blue Beetle, the Joker, Plastic Man, Aquaman, Green Arrow, the Batmobile and Black Manta's sub -- the new Happy Meal will release eight three-packs containing miniature figures and vehicles. Hit the jump to see all 24 of them.While the paint applications seem fairly minimal, overall a Happy Meal line of 24 toys (only four of which are Batman) makes for a fairly affordable way to adorn a living/working/bathing?/driving space with braveness and boldness. A few well-aimed swipes of a paint pen and most of these undercolored minifigs could look more fully fleshed-out. But please, if you must eat enough McDonald's to collect them all when they arrive in restaurants, try to sub in some apple dippers for fries once in awhile, eh? You'll get a tummy ache if you're not careful.

See what you think of the new Happy Meal three-packs below:

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