A little over a year ago, Boom Studios announced that Grant Morrison would be working on an undisclosed new series at some point, with no specific details given. As we head into SDCC 2015, the publisher has now revealed what comic Morrison will be working on, and it's essentially Santa Claus: Year One.

Klaus is a six issue mini-series by Morrison and artist Dan Mora, best known for his art on Hexed. The series will focus on hot bearded crusader Santa as he fights off invaders, builds a sleigh, hangs out with his pet wolf (which has a bloody, red nose) and does all kinds of rugged manly things in the woods.

As Morrison explained in a launch interview at CBR, the series builds on early Siberian mythology, from which elements of the Sinterklass concept originate. Morrison will fill the rough-and-ready action series with shamanistic concepts and mysticism, as is his wont, as he deconstructs the advertised version of Santa Claus and builds a new, Conan-esque version that has already been described by noted comics critic and ComicsAlliance editor Andrew Wheeler as "unexpectedly sexy."

Impressively, this is being billed as an all-ages series, despite the bloody cover from Mora. And every element of the Santa back-catalog will be present, meaning this will stay within Santa Canon. The interview mentions that the hero will build a sleigh, get a sack, put on the red costume --- it sounds a little bit like the recent Daredevil series on Netflix, actually, now I think about it. (Apart from the sleigh and the sack.) We'll also get to hear the origins of that "Ho Ho Ho!" catchphrase.

It sounds completely bonkers, and possibly one of the most perfect comics ever conceived. The miniseries starts in November, and hopefully ends with the lead character turning to the reader to wink and drink a Coca Cola.

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