It's finally Movember (and folks are already participating in Mustaches Vs. Cancer), so in the spirit of raising the awareness needed to someday wipe out the threat of prostate and testicular cancers, we've joined forces with our participating peers at Asylum to help spread the word.

has a detailed synopsis of the editorial staff currently participating in the contest, all of whom are gentlemen of renown and deserving of your support as they grown tremendous facial hairs.

Friend of ComicsAlliance (and all around comic-lovin' dude) Jim Gibbons is also knee-deep in the Movemberage, if you'd like to see how a true, blue comic fan gets down for the cause.

If you need inspiration to make a donation, however, or want to join the fray yourself, take a look at some of your favorite super heroes and their heroic facial hair.

C'mon, do it!Tony Stark

What would the modern world be like without mustached captains of industry like Tony Stark? Without him we wouldn't have "arc reactors," suits of weaponized armor, or Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow in this summer's "Iron Man 2." Though the modern Stark often takes the goatee shortcut, the man's roots are with the proper 'stache.

Dum Dum Dugan

Nick Fury's right-hand man at S.H.I.E.L.D. may be going through a rough patch after being replaced by a shape-shifting Skrull during last year's "Secret Invasion" storyline, but he hasn't really missed a beat and is currently back fighting both HYDRA and HAMMER (don't ask me to keep using periods in abbreviations, I'll get arthritis!) in the pages of "Secret Warriors." He's a slow-aging soldier with a penchant for bowlers and a ginger upper lip for the ages. Give it up!

Doctor Strange

The Doctor is currently out, passing on his former Sorcerer Supreme mantle to Doctor Voodoo while he does some soul searching, but Steven Strange is still proudly rocking his mustache - even while in Astral form! If that doesn't tell you a little bit about the former surgeon's facial hair pride, nothing will.


Invincible's Viltrumite father may have sold out Earth and beaten his son to a bloody pulp, but that's water under the bridge now that he's fighting with the coalition of planets to save the galaxy. Who can stay mad at a mustache like that?


Swordsman's story is a little weird. He was a circus performer who trained Hawkeye, then he was a money embezzler, then he was a good guy-but-not-really, then he was a spy, then he married an alien chick, then he died, then a parallel dimension version of him showed up, then he died some more, and then he was replaced by a former Nazi who was in love with his sister. Uh...but he had a mustache and he really seemed to like it.

The Warriors Three

Thor's closest comrades have all got facial hair in spades, each sporting a proud variation of the classic 'stache. There's Fandral, Hogun and the voluminous Volstagg ready to rock any feast or battlefield in the name of Asgard and all ready to wear their hair with the pride of warriors born.

Mister America

One of the few DC Comics representatives on the list, the new Mister America runs around with the Justice Society to honor the legacy of a Golden Age crime fighter of the same name. He's got a whip and a domino mask, but villains everywhere agree that his most important stylistic element is his mean mustachioed grimace.


The Mid-90s sole mustached X-Man made Forge a loner in a lot of ways. He was always kind of pompous given his mutant ability was to build/fix/make awesome all things technofied, but that didn't keep fans from rooting for his romance with Storm. All of this later ended in tragedy and Forge is kind of evil lately, but his facial hair remains in tact. Oh, yes it does.

Green Arrow

Although Oliver Queen owes most of his look to Errol Flynn, his righteous mustache dominates the rest of his carefully manicured facial fuzz. As an archer and a self-proclaimed bleeding heart, Ollie is second to none. As a mustached hero, he's second only to himself the day before he trims his face for his wife Black Canary.

Did we miss your favorite heroic mustache? Fill us in in the comments!

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