My close friends at Top Shelf Productions in suburban Atlanta and Portland, Ore., are giving a little bit of extra thanks for unexpected blessings this Thanksgiving after Variety broke the news earlier this week that Bruce Willis will star in director Jonathan Mostow's upcoming adaptation of The Surrogates, the company's initial venture into "mainstream comics" some two years ago by Rob Vendetti and Brent Weldele, for Disney.

No surprise to me that Willis was cast as the cop who never leaves his house to solve crimes, as he's been one of America's better actors in film over the past two decades with roles in a slew of interesting actioners including the Die Hard series, 12 Monkeys, Sin City and the terrific pre-pre-pre-Heroes film Unbreakable.

BTW, expect to see another Surrogates book from Vendetti and Weldele, perhaps about the time the film debuts in 2009...

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