On sale next week from Image Comics is the one-shot Multiple Warheads: Down Fall, a book long awaited by Brandon Graham fans who got on board the cartoonist's deeply idiosyncratic and occasionally pun-filled vision of comics with his critically acclaimed work on Prophet and King City. The material collected includes the very first appearance of MW star Sexica, the black market organ smuggler, which just happened to be a decidedly adult comic created when Graham was working as an erotica artist. It was from those humble (but uncommonly well drawn) beginnings that Sexica's Soviet-esque sci-fi saga went on to fill a long out-of-print one-shots known as Multiple Warheads: The Fall and Elevator and four issues of the recent miniseries Multiple Warheads: From Alphabet to Infinity, one of ComicsAlliance's picks for the best comics of 2012.

As I said, most of the material in Multiple Warheads: Down Fall has been difficult to obtain for quite some time, and Graham created all-new material as well, which along with a contribution by artist Marian Churchland and a painting by (occasional CA contributor) Sarah Horrocks really does make this book a must-read when it comes out next Wednesday, October 9, in finer comics shops and digitally. Courtesy of Image, we've got an early look at these long lost comics, which demonstrate Graham's early command of otherworldly, even haunting imagery and genuinely charming and indeed sexy characters.




Back cover by Brandon Graham and Sarah Horrocks
Art by Marian Churchland and Brandon Graham
All-new page by Brandon Graham