Yesterday's news that NASA doesn't have the dough to properly monitor for potentially deadly space rocks was probably a bummer to non-comic book readers.

But for me?

It's just business as usual. Seriously, even if NASA knew some "Armageddon" scenario were about to go down, I would never trust Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck to save us all from a space-commissioned doom.

It'd have to be Superman, right? Of all of the comic book cliches the Man of Steel has established in his years defending our planet, saving Earth from asteroids (and in the case of this graphic, a Kryptonite meteor - scientists can sort out the technicalities) is probably one of the coolest. In short, the dude has punched out his share of heavenly bodies and his help would save us a lot of time gazing through telescopes.

Of course, I realize my "Superman will save us all" fixation is a thinly-veiled kind of psychotic coping mechanism. A fictional character can't save us, so wouldn't it be nice if Congress would shoot NASA some extra dough so we could at least see our impending destruction coming?

Or better yet, how about forming a cosmic board of tourism aimed at advanced civilizations thriving under red suns, just in case their worlds face destruction and they need a place to send their kids?