Double Fine artist Nathan Stapley organizes fictional characters into societies: the Society of Fictional Time Travelers, the Society of TV and Movie Dads, the Society of Television Duos, the Society of Robert Niro Characters. And he pairs up groups you might not normally expect to inhabit the same family portrait: the Misfits with Addams Family and the ladies of TLC with Disney's fine feathered Three Caballeros. Other times, he's simply painting the Wolfman after Wolfie's had a few too many.

Stapley is the lead artist on Double Fine's upcoming Kickstarter-funded video game Double Fine Adventure, and his solo show, Queens, Kings and Prince, was recently exhibited at the Melrose arm of Gallery 1988. Stapley has a clear affinity for pop culture (not to mention a fondness for puns), but through all his myriad subjects, painting comes through as his true love.

You can check out Stapley's portfolio on his website and follow his latest art on his Tumblr.