Combining the bombastic fun of super-hero action with the mundane drudgery of an office job might seem like a pretty risky proposition, but when it's the premise for a new game from Double Fine -- the game studio founded by Tim Schafer that racked up over $3,000,000 to fund an old-school adventure game on Kickstarter -- things start to sound a little more appealing. As a result, I'm actually pretty intrigued by the upcoming Middle Manager of Justice game for iOS, even when terms like "time management" and "turn-based JRPG battle" start being thrown around.As reported by Kotaku, Middle Manager of Justice puts the player into the role of... well, a Middle Manager of Justice. You play as a corporate cog assigned with ensuring that the battle against evil goes smoothly by allocating time for employee training, approving requisition forms, motivating your employees, and all that other fun stuff that people dream about escaping for eight hours a day. The difference, of course, is that you're doing it for super-heroes, and with Double Fine's distinct sense of humor that's meant to echo The Office. Hopefully the early seasons.

The game will be free to play, but -- of course -- you can always throw a little money at it to get more "Superium," the in-game currency that you can spend to unlock characters and speed things up.

Given Double Fine's track record and the aesthetics on display in the trailer, the game definitely has me interested. It's still undergoing approval by Apple and is set to be released in Canada before it hits the states, but when it does, I'll definitely be there to give it a shot.

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