On the off chance that you missed it, the first issue of Neal Adams' Coming of the Supermen was what you might describe as "next-level bonkers." Admittedly, it wasn't quite up to the weirdness standards set by Batman: Odyssey, in which a shirtless and possibly fully nude Bruce Wayne spoke directly to the reader while recounting his adventures in the Batcave, but still. The first issue had a squadron of Supermen, Lois Lane working as a TV newscaster and exposition delivery system, and, perhaps most amazing of all, the reveal that the Sphinx was constructed by Darkseid in his own image.

Now, it looks like the high-energy weirdness is set to continue when the second issue hits stands next week. Check out an exclusive preview below, and meet me beneath the images to discuss all the weirdness we've got this time.


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Okay, so here's what's amazing this time around:

  1. An extended bit where a child whose family died last issue cheerfully befuddles someone from Child Protective Services by giving his dog a bunch of alternate names.
    1a. "Nanny Goody" is definitely Granny Goodness, right? Right.
  2. Superman saying "Wassup?" to Jimmy Olsen like he's trying to be real cool guy circa 2001.
  3. Between the Lexcorp ships that look an awful lot like the Supermobile, and the fact that Steppenwolf just showed up, I'm pretty sure this is literally just Neal Adams doing a tribute to the Super Powers action figures --- which is phenomenal.

Here's the official solicitation:

Written by NEAL ADAMS
Art and cover by NEAL ADAMS
On sale MARCH 2 • 32 pg, FC, 2 of 6, $3.99 US • RATED T
The terror of Apokolips continues as the combined might of Kal-El and the warriors from Kandor fight back against Darkseid’s legions!