Ever since t-shirts went up on Anthony Clark's Nedroid store on TopatoCo, I've speculated that perhaps additional items might join them in due time. Actually, I've mostly just begged for action figures, but that's not important. What is important is this wonderful fan-created Beartato pillow repurposed from a Beartato tee. Behold!

Crafted by Flickr user Starangelakki, the shirt-turned-pillow seems like the next best thing to an official teddy Beartato, especially considering the loving care that went into its production.

Here's how the creator summed up the plush wonder:

I bought a Beartato shirt from Topatoco this past week. Check out what it turned into! My own very lovable Beartato pillow. Complete with little legs and flappy arms.

The pillow's so awesome that I have a feeling whoever sleeps on it is granted whimsical dreams or perhaps even wishes. If that is indeed the case, Starangelakki, I hope you use them wisely.[Via Twitter @TopatoCo]

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