For those of you who don't mark your calendars with comic-centric holidays, yesterday -- February 1st -- was Hourly Comic Day. Much like the more well-known 24-Hour Comic Day, the deal with this one is right there in the name: Cartoonists are invited to create a comic strip for every hour that they're awake as a marathon challenge of creativity.

As you might expect, it leads to some pretty interesting stuff. This year, though, it led to some absolutely incredible work from Anthony "Nedroid" Clark:

The record will show that we here at ComicsAlliance are pretty huge Nedroid fans, but with his 16 hourly strips, he's shown just why we like him so darn much. There's more fun to be had in one day of his work than a lot of artists are able to provide in a month. Heck, it even introduces Stab Ghost, who has a good shot at being the sensational character find of 2011.

Clark has allowed us to repost his Hourly Comic here at CA, so check out the full saga -- and links to where you can find more great Hourly Comics -- after the jump!

For more from Clark, check out his webcomic at the Nedroid Picture Diary webcomic -- which also updated yesterday -- as well as Clark's Tumblr, where he posts sketches, unused comics, and bits of awesome like the hourly strips above.

If you want to see more Hourly Comics, check out the official forum moderated by Dean Trippe, with links to dozens from cartoonists all over the world, as well as a series of strips from Gunshow creator KC Green that reaches a downright Funky Winkerbeanean level of despair.

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