Just a little longer than a week after Berta's initial t-shirt sightings were confirmed by photo evidence on Twitter, Anthony Clark's Nedroid stars have finally become available for purchase over at TopatoCo.

There are currently two Ne droid t-shirt flavors available: a Bertato-faced brown tee and a Reginald-themed "Dare Master" shirt in yellow.

If you're already a fan of Nedroid, you likely won't need much convincing to take a gander at the merch, but Clark's gone ahead and broken down a fairly compelling argument for making a purchase just in case you're on the fence about it. Did you know lions like to maul those wearing plain t-shirts? Now you do!

I feel a bit compelled to take the Dare Master plunge myself, given its purported career-enhancing effects. Then again, Webcomic shirts are kind of the Lays potato chips of my online shopping routine - I can never really buy just one.

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