While Anthony Clark is perhaps most famous for chronicling the adventures of Reginald and Beartato at Nedoird Picture Diary by 2011 standards, a few years back the webcomicker gained a lot of attention for successfully (and hilariously) taking on a friend's challenge to illustrate 200 Bad Comics. The series of short strips was a mega hit consisting of appropriately awkward jokes, nonsensical humor and bizarre puns aplenty and now Clark has unveiled an equally awesome artifact from 2008 in his series of Super Fanfic Comics.Here's how Clark sums up the series on Nedroid:

In fall of 2008, as a sort of spiritual successor to the 200 Bad Comics Challenge, I did a series of short fanfic comics based on TV shows, books, movies, and whatever else readers suggested, even when I had never heard of it. Hopefully that explains all... this.

Check out a few of the most comics-centric Super Fanfic Comics selections below, and be sure to visit Clark's main gallery for the full dose of fantastickery:

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