If you're not already a fan of British comics creator Neill Cameron, you should be! Not only did he gain Internet fame through his wildly popular A to Z of Awesomeness project, but he also wrote and drew one of our favorite graphic novels of the year, the incredible Mo-Bot High!

It's probably pretty obvious at this point that I'm a fan, but one of my favorite things about Cameron is that every year, he takes suggestions from his readers to create an artistic Advent Calendar, counting down to Christmas with a series of permutations on Santa Claus, from the bizarre to the hilarious to the downright awesome. This year's Santa Sketchfest is going on now over at Cameron's site, but to get into the spirit, I went back and collected my fifteen favorites from 2009!

Cthulhu Santa


Pirate Santa






Giant Robot Santa



Raptor Santa



Mr. Darcy Santa


Gorilla Santa
Santa Strange
Hitman Santa
Overworked Artist Santa
Existential Dread Kitten Santa
Hulk Santa
Reanimated Hello Kitty Killbot Santa

And my personal favorite...

Weird Total Recall Mutant Quatto Santa


Cameron's still taking suggestions for this year's set, so if you've got a Santa you'd like to see him draw -- and I think we've proven that he's willing to go to some pretty bizarre lengths -- Twitter @neillcameron with the hashtag #santasketchfest!

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