When the unpainted images of Namco Bandai's NERV base trading figures based on "Neon Genesis Evangelion" made their way to Web earlier this month, fans knew they were in for a miniature diorama that transformed into the organization's signature pyramid shape, but the new painted images present the blind-boxed imported collectibles in a much radder light. All it takes is a glance to affirm that the set is totally a friggin' Mighty Max-style adventure kit stocked with NERV agents and EVA pilots.Polly Pocket fans may cry foul at my assertion, but there's no denying the assembled toy and its peg-like figures don't bear a strong resemblance to the monster-stocked zones explored by the baseball capped Max in the best possible way.

Ordering the set is a bit of a gamble as the full NERV headquarters is composed of five pieces that may or may not be included in The Big Bad Toystore's $70 assortment of ten random pieces that would ideally include:

1. Rei and Unmanned Entrance Gate

2. Asuka and 7th Laboratory

3. EVA-01 Cage

4. Shinji, Misato and Central Dogma

5. Gendo, Central War Room and Second Test Site

Its kind of a bummer that Shinji Ikari's EVA Unit 01 can't actually launch to reveal an in-scale warrior, but should Bandai choose to further exploit a generation of international fans' love of small-scale diorama action, EVAs and angels would be a very welcome addition.

[Via Tomopop]