Probably best known for his pivotal role in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Psycho Pirate, the multiples-projecting emotional vampire, will make his first appearance in DC Comics' New 52 Universe next month in both Superman and Superboy. The character has been pretty radically redesigned from his previous incarnation. He's younger, has a shock of hair and is sporting one fancy jacket.

Editor-on-Chief Bob Harras' post on DC's The Source blog introducing the new version of the character offers up a bit of explanation as to how Psycho Pirate will be appearing in both books at the same time:

As it turns out, Psycho Pirate is able to project himself into multiple locations – so who’s battling the real one?

Though he doesn't appear to be wearing it in the promo art by artist Brett Booth, Psycho Pirate will also still have his Medusa Mask, which forces people to relive their most painful memories (something multiple villains in the New 52 seem to be capable of doing).

Whether the character's introduction into the New 52 is a harbinger for a Crisis-like event is yet to be seen. Harras' post does mention Psycho Pirate will play a role in the "Psi-War" crossover.

Though fans likely remember him as the Anti-Monitor's human accomplice from Crisis on Infinite Earths, Psycho Pirate (or, then, Pscyho-Pirate) has actually been a part of the DC Universe since the Silver Age -- even further back if you count the Charles Halstead version of the character.

The Roger Hayden version died at the hands of Black Adam in Infinite Crisis and returned as a Black Lantern during Blackest Night.



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