Whether you dig action figures or vinyl toys, Jazwares and Funko have you covered in 2013 with new toys based on Adventure Time's most popular characters. Preorder sites like Entertainment Earth are currently showcasing new 5" Marcline (with her signature Axe-Bass), Ice King (with Ricardio) and Lumpy Space Princess action figures by Jazwares, which carry a price tag around $14. Meanwhile, Australian site Popcultcha has seemingly debuted images of Funko Pop! vinyl toys of Finn, Jake, Ice King, Marceline and Lumpy Space Princess for about $15 AUD, which will probably much translate to the usual $8-10 USD once American retailers get their hands on the figures. Now... if only fans can get Funko to follow JW's lead and make a "Finn in Jake Suit" vinyl, collector dreams will really come true. You can take a look at all of the upcoming Adventure Time action figure and vinyl toys past the cut.

Action Figures from Jazwares

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