Whether fans have read the comics, watched the various animated series, or bought tickets to any of the first three Spider-Man movies, there's a good chance they're familiar with the Webslinger's origin. According to a new movie poster, this summer's The Amazing Spider-Man movie starring Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone and Rhys Ifans will deliver "The Untold Story," however. Super Hero Hype has unveiled a new poster showcasing Peter Parker casting a spidery silhouette in a sparsely lit bricked corner, plus the mysterious text, leading fans to wonder just what they've been missing in the character's nearly 50 year history. Will viewers get more information about Peter Parker's parents? A look inside Aunt May's wheat cakes recipe? Hit the jump to see what you think of the new poster, and what might be revealed when The Amazing Spider-Man arrives in theaters on July 3.

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