Image from Witchblade #108Press Release

Top Cow announced today that Witchblade #108 and Witchblade #109 will feature the artistic talents of Sami Basri replacing previously solicited artist Adriana Melo!

Sami Basri is an up and coming Indonesian artist and part of Imaginary Friends Studios. Basri's art has appeared throughout the gaming and trading card industries including Versus Collectible Card Game & World of Warcraft trading cards from Upper Deck, Exalted 2nd Edition from White Wolf, & UFS Trading Card Game from Sabertooth Games. Basri has also provided coloring duties on Anita Blake and The Burning Man. Most recently, he handled cover chores on JLA: Classified. This marks Basri's first major sequential penciling work. Witchblade #108 and #109 spotlight new Witchblade bearer Dani Baptiste's return from her first solo adventure in her hometown of New Orleans and coming to grips with her newfound power. These issues also mark the return of an old foe, Celestine, who is hell bent on seeking revenge against Sara Pezzini, now pregnant and without the Witchblade to protect her!

"Witchblade is one of the big titles in comics today & doing the pencils carries a big responsibility with lots of longtime fans to keep happy." commented artist Basri, "There have been so many great people behind Witchblade's legacy- Marc Silvestri, Michael Turner and recently, Stjepan Sejic- to name a few, I'm really hoping I don't screw up or let anyone down!"

"I had my eye on Sami for a while, and it just so happened that the fates aligned and he ended up finishing a project just in time to start on Witchblade!" said Vice President of Editorial, Rob Levin. "I couldn't be happier with the work he and the color wizards at IFS are producing."

Witchblade #108 & #109 are 32 page full color comics in an ongoing series with a suggested retail price of $2.99. Each feature covers by the incomparable Chris Bachalo (X-Men, Ultimate War). Additional information regarding Witchblade can be found at

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