It may seem like Batman: Arkham Origins and its mobile tie-in title have been getting all of the (bat)tention lately, but Warner Bros. Games Montreal hasn't forgotten about the corresponding Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate title for Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita. CA's own Chris Sims liked what he got to play of the game during SDCC 2013, and new screens from the title seem to corroborate what he had to say about its linear-yet-3D gameplay and combat. Batman can even be seen employing a silent takedown, zipping around a fiery environment, using his new Explosive Gel Launcher and bracing for a fight with Solomon Grundy. You know, solid Batman stuff.

Some of what's seen in the new screens expands on footage from the game's initial trailer, but it's also nice to get some nice wide looks at some of interiors of the eponymous Blackgate prison itself. This game's version of the Arkham games' "Detective Mode" is especially nice to study considering just how much players will likely be using it when the game drops on October 25.

You can see all of the new Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate screens below.


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[Via BatmanArkham/AGB]