With just a few days left to go before the October 25 release of Batman: Arkham Origins, WB Games Montreal has released a 17-minute video of gameplay, guided by Senior Producer Ben Mattes and Gameplay Director Michael McIntyre, to get players psyched.

Anyone familiar with Rocksteady Games' previous two Arkham games (they weren't involved this time) will instantly recognize the combat and the way Batman travels around the city with his grappling hook, but there are a few surprises in the video.



Two big things worth noting from this gameplay footage are that 1) Batman's going to be directly taking on cops in the game and 2) the Batcave. I don't see any giant pennies or giant mechanical t-rexes in there and that's super disappointing, but it definitely looks like there's a lot to do.

Batman: Arkham Origins is out Friday for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii U and PC.

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