I can't imagine the holidays are very fun for Batman. Sure he's got that big surrogate family around some times, but bad guys always seem to have some kind of tricks up their sleeves to ruin the season for the innocent people of Gotham. Case in point, the original graphic novel, Batman Noel, in which Lee Bermejo does a superhero retelling of the Charles Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, and must track the Joker down because that guy is always up to no good. Bob Crachit and Tiny Tim do appear, and Superman and Catwoman fill the roles of the visiting "ghosts." And yes, Batman is Scrooge.

Obviously the developers at WB Montreal were big fans of the book, as they included Bermejo's redesigned Batsuit as an unlockable alternate skin for Batman in Batman: Arkham Origins. Who could blame them really? It's a sharp interpretation that doesn't get too cute, and keeps the basic elements of Batman's core design in tact while allowing Bermejo to include plenty of technical details. While DC Collectibles does have an action figure based on Bermejo's design coming in 2016, Prime 1 Studios will be releasing a quarter-scale statue based on the Arkham Origins version of the suit for those of you with much more expendable income.

For just $899, you can take home of of 30" Batman statues in two varieties. The standard version (1500 pieces) includes the statue and two swappable heads (one calm, one angry), as well an alternate right hand with Batarang. The cape is fabric and fully flexible, which will allow you to pose it as if there are some gale force winds up on that rooftop where Batman is perched. There's also an exclusive version (750 pieces) which comes with all that good stuff, but also includes a third "berserk" head. It's got some battle damage and features Bats screaming into the void.

Prime 1 has been developing statues based on the Arkham series for a short while now, and they've all been incredibly detailed and expensive. Not that the price isn't worth it to some. There's a lot of great attention to nuance in these sculpts. Some of that comes from the extra real estate on a 30" piece, but it's still a testament to the talents of the team creating the work. The tailoring on the Batsuit is terrific, and there's some amazing realism present in the stonework of that rooftop corner.

It's a bit out of my price range, but given the success of the first few Batman statues from the company, there's obviously a market for more obscure versions like this one. No release date is available as of yet, but we'll update this post when pre-order info beyond pricing is made available.


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