If you thought Funko's plans for the Batman: Arkham video game series was going to be limited to a series of Pop figures, you were wrong, buck-o. The Caped Crusader and his rogues gallery are way too popular to be contained in just one figure line. Time and time again, from just about every company that makes anything Batman-related at all, they try to inject the Dark Knight into as many formats as possible. That's why it's not at all surprising to see Rocksteady Studios' take on the characters appear as Mystery Minis.

The stylized vinyl figures are much smaller than your standard Funko Pops, though it doesn't appear as if these Mystery Minis will come with any sort of rare figures. Typically the line has a variety of characters with some interesting variants short-packed to entice you to buy more of the blind box figures. However, like the Avengers: Age of Ultron Mystery Minis, it seems that there will be just 12 of the Batman: Arkham figures from across the whole franchise, included. That means with a 1:12 ratio, you should be able to get a whole set in just one box.

Most of the characters included are the Batman: Arkham Knight iteration, including Batman, Nighwing, Arkham Knight, Red Hood, Robin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow and Harley Quinn. Batman also has an Arkham Origins version and what appears to be a more classic costume skin, not one of the more armored styles from any of the games. The Joker looks like the Arkham Asylum version, but really could be from any appearance but Arkham Origins.

The Batman: Arkham Series Mystery Minis will run you about $70 a case or $7 per individual box when they arrive in January.




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