For as bad-ass as Deathstroke is, he sure hasn't gotten much love over the years in the collectibles department. Sure, he's had a few figures here and there, but until the New 52 came around and DC kinda-sorta-maybe made him a "good" guy, finding great Deathstroke merchandise wasn't all that easy. It's still not exactly as simple as going to the store and finding a figure on the shelf, but his prominence in other DC ventures over the past few years has made Deathstroke slightly more accessible to fans beyond the printed page.

Case in point, Batman: Arkham Origins. There, Deathstroke made a major splash as one of the leading big bads brought in by Black Mask to take down the mysterious Batman. Of course, the fight against Deathstroke wasn't exactly all it was billed up to be, especially based on some of the game's trailers, but without his inclusion there, we wouldn't have this ridiculous statue coming from Prime 1 Studio. The company has been steadily releasing statues based on the Batman: Arkham series over the past year or so, not to mention all its ventures into the likes of Transformers and Voltron. But those robots in disguise aren't the reason we're here. We're here to talk about Deathstroke, and this impossibly detailed statue.

By bringing Deathstroke to life as a 30" statue, Prime 1 Studio has plenty of room for exorbitant detailing. That size and nuance comes with a heavy price however, as the Deathstroke statue will retail for about $930 when it releases. You've obviously really got to love Deathstroke or Batman: Arkham Origins to even consider dropping a mortgage payment on a statue, but based on what we've seen of the company's previous goods, it's not an unwise investment if you can afford it.

You really do get a great sense of Deathstroke's resume as explained by his armor set. As a mercenary for hire, it's clear Slade Wilson's seen his share of action. The deep gouges and scuffing across the armor plating give a sense this suit is well-lived in. What's more, the different texturing showing off the hard plating and the ballistic weaving really shine, and give some solid variation all the way through the piece. It's all tied together with a meticulous paint app that I'm glad I didn't have to work on.

Slade comes with two heads, one helmeted and one unmasked portrait, that can be easily swapped. Both are equally nice in application, though it's hard to not want to use the helmet since it looks so damn nice in conjunction with the rest of the armor. There are also a small number of swappable weapons, including an assault rifle, a ballistic staff, a ninjato sword or just a clenched fist. If you happen to get the exclusive version, you'll also be able to get an alternate hand clutching Batman's cowl, as if Deathstroke actually completed the job.

There are countless other small details throughout (like the Batman skull brickwork), but to observe them all would take a closer look than many of these shots afford. Still, even if Batman: Arkham Origins and Deathstroke's role in that game weren't all they were cracked up to be, this statue is a true work of art.

There are no pre-order details as of yet, but we'll update this post when they are made available.


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