If you wanted a few more origins in Batman: Arkham Origins, seven bucks will get you just that tomorrow.

The new "Initiation" DLC joins up with Bruce Wayne before he became Batman, as he travels through the Paektu-San Mountains of North Korea and tries out his martial arts moves in a bamboo forest, a monastery and two other new challenge maps. It looks about as close as fans can get to playing the League of Shadows scenes from Batman Begins, even if it's storyline is more akin to Batman's comics continuity.

The DLC includes two new skins that let players adventure as Bruce Wayne. They're appropriately labeled "Initiation Bruce Wayne" and "Vigilante Bruce Wayne." There are also some new opponents, including martial-arts teacher Kirigi, who we touched on a few months back. Check out the trailer below:



The DLC will be available on the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live and the Nintendo eShop for $6.99. Players who have already purchased a season pass will have instant access to it when it's available tomorrow.


Batman Arkham Origins Initiation DLC Concept Art

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