Yesterday's announcement
that Warner Bros. Games Montreal will be developing Batman: Arkham Origins included precious little about who'll actually be appearing in the game beyond a heavily armored Batman himself and Deathstroke.

A handful of screenshots that hit the web today made the picture a bit clearer. Not necessarily of the eight assassins a young Batman will apparently be facing in the game, but who may have brought the deadly group together. Check out the rest of the images from Arkham Origins and its accompanying handheld game, Arkham Origins Blackgate, after the jump.

Arkham Origins

Concept Art

Arkham Origins Blackgate

Clearly, fans have scenes of Black Mask and the Penguin threatening quite a few Gotham City cops and other innocents with bodily harm to look forward to when Arkham Origins comes out Oct. 25.

[Via GameInformer/SuperHeroHype/AGB]

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