Sure, the game won't hit shelves until November 2, but DC heads are already in a full-on tizzy over "DC Universe Online," so what could possibly get them even more jazzed at the upcoming MMORPG? Friggin' monkeys, of course!

The good folks at Sony Online Entertainment recently released a new batch of screens from the game where we finally get a chance to see such simian supervillians like Grodd and his banana-munchin' minions, and -- oh, and look at that! -- its not only the bad primates getting in on the action; is that good King Solovar also making an appearance (only his duking it out with the Flash -- mind control, mayhaps?).Far be it from us to hog all of the visual goodness, check out even more "DCU Online" action, and yes, more monkeys below:

As mentioned, "DC Universe Online" is set to hit stores on November 2 and will be available for PS3 and PC (*insert sad trombone for all 360 and Wii owners here*).