Wade Wilson's tradition of self-narration and slightly NSFW sass continues in the latest trailer for Activision and High Moon Studios' same-titled Deadpool video game. Following previous fourth-wall shattering videos and stills, the newest trailer sees the Merc With A Mouth confess to blowing the video game's trailer budget in favor of slapping footage together DIY style. The gag doesn't exactly backfire, however, as the surprisingly competent trailer includes new footage of DP pestering Cable, blasting enemies with a variety of weapons in exotic locations and demonstrating his usual brand of sophomoric humor.

High Moon's celebrated Transformers games should have most shooter/adventure game fans feeling pretty confident about the Deadpool game's overall playability, but short clips of the ever-healing nonmutant rocking air guitar and verbally jousting with his own inner monologue are what'll sell the title to longtime comic fans thanks to a script by longtime DP scribe Daniel Way.

Deadpool doesn't have a firm release date yet, but each new asset release brings fans a little closer to its still vague 2013 arrival.

You can watch the new trailer, below.

[Via IGN]

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