Some days you bust the ghost, some days the ghost busts you. Starting in February at IDW, a new Ghostbusters team must deal with the ramifications of the later after the core GB crew of Peter, Ray, Egon and Winston get trapped in a hellish dimension by a mysterious demonic force. Rising to the occasion will be a mix of familiar and fresh faces, as the ongoing series by Erik Burnham, artist Dan Schoening and colorist Luis Antonio Delgado will put Janine in a leadership role over recruits inspired by, among other things, the 1997 Extreme Ghostbusters animated series."Kylie [Griffin] is based on the same character from 'Extreme Ghostbusters,'" series editor Tom Waltz told CA, "In our version, she works for Ray at his occult book store. She started as an Easter egg of sorts, but due to a hugely positive response from our fans, she's taken on a much greater role, including her addition to the New Ghostbusters team in 2013. And, Janine's current love interest in our series -- a gentlemen named Roger -- is designed after Egon in the E.G. TV series. Again, another homage to a past GB iteration that's been popular with our fans."

The first four issues of "The New Ghostbusters" storyline will feature covers by Schoening, spotlighting each of the latest team members, plus Real Ghostbusters 2-pack backup stories by Burnham, further spreading the animated GB love. Now, while IDW's on this cartoon kick, maybe they can work in Junior Ghostbusters Donald, Catherine, and Jason into the new storyline beyond the non-cameos they've made in assorted issues... maybe have a monster eat them? Just throwing that out there.

Ghostbusters #1 kicks off in Feburary.

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