Last week, DC Comics and Geoff Johns announced that, after more than eight years and 100 issues, Johns would be stepping down as the writer of Green Lantern. The publisher also revealed that the creative teams behind each Green Lantern title would be leaving their respective books, which left fans to speculate who'd be taking over. The speculation has now ended, as this morning DC Comics announced new creative line-ups for each book, with Robert Venditti and Billy Tan taking over the main title.Via MTV Geek, here's the new line-up for each series:

Green Lantern

Venditti, who recently took over as the writer of Demon Knights for DC, will be joined by Tan on the main title, taking over for the celebrated creative team of Johns and Doug Mankhe

Green Lantern Corps

Joshua Hale Fialkov (I, Vampire) takes over as writer, with Bernard Chang (Demon Knights) on art.

Red Lanterns

Fialkov will also be penning this title, with Alessandro Vitti (Secret Warriors, Avengers Arena) providing art.

Green Lantern: New Guardians

Justin Jordan (Team 7, Deathstroke) will now be at the helm of this series, joined by artist Brad Walker (Action Comics).


After DC announced earlier this month that they were canceling six titles, many wondered what new titles would fill the open spots. In addition to the new series already announced, we now know of one more, as the publisher is set to launch a monthly book starring Larfleeze, written by Keith Giffen and with art by Scott Kollins.

Each new creative team will debut in their respective titles this June.

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