Between the six interlocking stories told by prominent members of the Green Lantern Corps on the eve of a confrontation with Krona in Green Lantern: Emerald Knights, fans can look forward to their share of favorite ring-slingers featured. In a new clip from Warner Bros. animation, it's young Arisia (voiced by Mad Men star Elisabeth Moss) who gets the proverbial spotlight cast on her as she navigates an Oan corridor just in time for an important battle plan delivered by the Guardians. See the video after the jump.Touting Bruce Timm as an executive producer, plus the voices of Nathan Fillion (Hal Jordan) Jason Isaacs (Sinestro), Kelly Hu (Laira), Henry Rollins (Kilowog) and Roddy Piper (Bolphunga), Emerald Knights arrives in stores on DVD and Blu-ray (and likely digital download) on June 7.

See the new clip below: