Upcoming: Shout! Factory will release Transformers: Beast Wars the complete series collector's edition DVD box set on June 7. The set will include all 52 series episodes, new bonus content and a special 24-page comic, among other goodies.That's just prime by me. [Shout! Factory]

Musicals: An optimistic review regarding the changes to Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark has surfaced over at iFanboy. Things are reportedly looking much better for Spidey on Broadway. [iFanboy]

TV: Unfortunately for fans of IDW's horror series, Fox has passed on picking up the Locke & Key pilot for its fall TV season. Sadness. [ICv2]

Animation: Nathan Fillion voices Hal Jordan in the latest clip for Green Lantern: Emerald Knights. Unsurprisingly, it makes Hal Jordan about 10X cooler. [CBR]

Gaming: Nippon Ichi Software will release Bleach: Soul Ignition and its North American localization Bleach: Soul Resurrección for the PlayStation 3 on June and August, respectively. [ANN]

Crafts: YouTube user Tigerpause444 morphs Iron Man, Optimus Prime and other Hasbro toy helmets into motorcycle gear. Don't try this at home. [MTV]

Upcoming: Fans who preorder Steve Rude's new art book, Steve Rude: An Artist in Motion, will receive a free sketch. The book is limited to 1,000 copies. [Steve Rude Art]

Home Cooking: Philip Wise's R2D2 smoker makes the most of current astromech tech... or at least quality painting skills. [Neatorama]

Gaming: Dorkly takes a closer look at Princess Zelda's reasons for pursuing an alter ego in Ocarina of Time and beyond. [Kotaku]

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