While Mark Millar and John Romita Jr.'s concluding issue of "Kick-Ass" #8 won't see stores until February 17 (pending another delay), fans of the comic series can still tide themselves over with the ridiculously fun movie trailer that debuted today.

This latest trailer kind of pieces together footage we've seen in previous teasers and press images for a comprehensive and, I'd say, pretty dadburn effective trailer for new audiences. The story's there, the characters are there and the humor and violence translates well in limited doses that will really pay off when the blood starts to fly in theaters.

Matthew Vaughn seems to totally capture the spirit of the comic (I know, the comic was pretty much always intended to be a movie too, so it's not like adapting a long-established property) and Aaron Johnson is totally selling himself as Kick-Ass. It's probably too early to say this, but I feel like he's already bringing a lot of personality to the character that hasn't hit very hard in the comics - and I dig the comics.

See what you make of it after the jump, eh?

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