WHA Entertainment's upcoming "Kick-Ass" video game for the iPhone and PlayStation Network has a new trailer, and it's a healthy blend of kick-ass and, well, just ass. On the one hand, the game looks like a fairly fun beat-'em-up affair, and as I've said before, there are certainly worse ways to spend your morning subway commute than playing this game.

But the voice acting. My god, the voice acting.

Maybe I'm just being picky - I do understand that WHA Entertainment wasn't going to get Nicolas Cage or Chloe Moretz, certainly not for a mobile game. But a Moretz wannabe delivering a "Show's over, motherf---ers" line isn't something I particularly need or want to hear.

Everything else, thankfully, looks pretty fun. As bad as the voice acting appears to be, at least you can shotgun your way through a video game while pretending to be Nicolas Cage. That's rarely a bad thing.

Check out the trailer after the jump.[Source: Kotaku]

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