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Compared to the many comic book conventions we cover throughout the year, I don't usually leave Toy Fair with much by way of swag. Since it's a trade show for businesspeople and journalists and not open to the public, most of the merchandise is for display only. Still, I did manage to get my hands on one special giveaway: Underwear. For my iPhone.

Dubbed Smartpants by Bandai, the silicon phone undies are marketed principally as a protector of an iPhone user's home button (or, you know, maybe that's just a euphemism), but they're stretchy enough to fit most smartphones.

From simple decorative charms to utility belt-like keychain straps, Japan's youth has long been a leader in accessorizing its mobile phones, so it should probably come as no surprise to learn that 1 million of these things have already been sold there through Gashapon toy vending machines.

Though some seeming Chinese knockoffs are already available on Amazon, Bandai's official Smartpants are slated to launch in the United States this spring in a variety of styles. No word on price yet. And can you really put a price on phone underwear anyway?


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