As the most prominent online crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter currently stands as the go-to for comic creators turning to fans for the cash they want for furnishing them with content. Until this week it was largely up to bloggers (like Fleen's Gary Tyrrell) to track and make sense of information related specifically to comics projects, but now that Kickstarter has launched its own statistics page, anyone can take a look at the site's daily raw data. A cursory look at the comics category reveals some interesting patterns, which you can take a look at in our cobbled-together series of screenshots from the June 21 numbers above.As of last night, comics make up about 2% of all KS projects and have a success rate of 45.48%, which is just a little bit higher than the site average for all projects. A total of $5.69 million has been raised by these successful projects so far, with one obvious outlier being Renae De Liz's Womanthology project, which raised $109,000 all told (with TwoKinds and Order of The Stick earning even more). So far around 600 total comics projects have been successfully funded, with roughly 2/3 of them raising between $1,000 and $9,999. Some 718 comics projects have failed under Kickstarter's all-or-nothing functionality, however, with the vast majority failing hard and achieving less than 40% of their goals.

You can scour the latest data at the official Kickstarter stats page.

[Via Engadget]