An all-new trailer of Warner Bros. Animation/Madhouse's upcoming anime series based on the hit CW show "Supernatural" just hit the web, and for all you fans out there who just audibly groaned with delight at that news, settle down -- it actually looks really cool.

Go ahead, catch your breath after thoroughly rocking out to that cover to Kansas' "Carry on my Wayward Son." We'll wait.

The trailer looks to hype up the first volume of the "Supernatural" anime series, and as AnimeNews points out, should be available to ship stateside February 23, 2011 on Blu-ray and DVD (and yes, it'll be dubbed in English as well). The series, which was announced this past June, will apparently retell the series first few seasons and also contain new bonus materials that add to the show's overall story.

No word on whether or not any other classic rock songs covered by Japanese bands will be included in the series. [Assistant Editor's Note: I would totally love it if there were.]

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